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Financial Planner

Certified Financial Planner : Job Description, Duties and Career Options

A certified financial planner, also called a personal financial advisor, works with individuals and businesses to guide them in making budgetary, savings and investment decisions. They need good communication and interpersonal skills in addition to financial knowledge. Many financial planners are self-employed, but there are opportunities with banks, investment firms and other businesses. A bachelor’s …


Journalism & Mass Communication

Department of Journalism & Mass Communication strives for excellence in media education, training and research by upholding media work/study, values and the nobility of the profession along with the multidisciplinary approach. The Department offers BAJMC (Bachelors of Journalism & Mass Communication) and MAJMC (Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication). The Department envisages itself to be …

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Introduction ┬áDigital Marketing Field Guide aims to provide a high-level overview of the digital marketing world in a short, easy-to-understand package, with plenty of visuals and a robust glossary to answer your questions. If you work in digital marketing, it’s more than likely you’ve seen a derivative of the now infamous “Lunascape” that displays the …